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Roman Catacombs game

Roman Catacombs game

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Roman Catacombs is a flip-and-write game with a Biblical theme.

You are the librarian for a small church meeting in the catacombs outside of Rome. You have been tasked with building a representative collection of manuscripts of the various books of the Bible. Unfortunately, you have limited storage space. Therefore, your goal is to complete a library of three books from each of seven categories. You need to keep the books in the canon order and you can’t move a book once you’ve placed it. 

The game ends when one player completes their library. Points are earned for completing categories (with bonus points for being the first to do so) and points are lost for leaving spots empty. The player with the most points wins.

There are two versions of the game available. One has a pad of paper scorecards. The other has 4 dry erase scorecards and 4 dry erase markers.

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